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Home > Mini Spy Camera > > F1.2 90deg 0.5MM 5.8G Wireless Mini Camera DVR Kit Mini Spy HD DVR Camera

F1.2 90deg 0.5MM 5.8G Wireless Mini Camera DVR Kit Mini Spy HD DVR Camera

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F1.2 90deg 0.5MM 5.8G Wireless Mini Camera DVR Kit Mini Spy HD DVR Camera

90 deg VOA;F1.2 0.5MM;16 CHs;0.008lux;5-- sales from skycneye.com

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Usually Ships in 3-5 days

Important Notice!
Item will be drop shipped directly from the
manufacturer/distortion-cancelable and
non-returnable.Usually ships in 3-5 days

Product Details

This kit includes a very tiny wireless camera and a 5-inch LCD DVR, which adopt no-interference 5.8G frequency.It transmits 100 meters range. The size of camera is smaller than finger, which is suitable to install it into narrow and hard-to-reach room. Users can view the instant video on this 5 inch HD screen. They also can record videos and take pictures.Motion detect & loop recording are available for more convenience use.Just connect the camera to AV power supply ,it starts to continuous working.Just plug & play! It is a good helper for safe & security.

Main Features

1. No-interference 5.8G frequency, no need to worry about interference from general 2.4G frequency;
2. 16 channels available, users can freely choose one when they use it;
3. 0.008LUX super low illumination, which can see clearly under dim light;
5. 90 broad view angle;
6.  Low power consumption assures the long time working life;
7.  25mW transmitting power, which leads 100 meters wireless transmission range;
8.  High resolution 5-inch large screen DVR playback clear video instantly without connecting to computer;
9.  Motion Detection Available : Record only when there is movement detected(Replaced CCTV 24 Hrs Monitoring );
10. No need any cable installation, just plug and play;
11. Support SD Card(up to 32G) recording for any evidence needed;

How to use:

 Connect camera with power supply, it starts to work.  At the same time, power on DVR and set it in the same channel with camera.

Then real time audio & video begin to transmit from camera to DVR for view or recording or taking pictures.

F1.2 90deg 0.5MM 5.8G Wireless Mini Camera DVR Kit Mini Spy HD DVR Camera


Working frequency

CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz; CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz.
CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz; CCH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz
CH9: 5705MHz; CH10: 5685MHz; CH11: 5665MHz; CH12: 5645MHz.
CH13: 5885MHz; CH14: 5905MHz; CH15: 5925MHz; CH16: 5945MHz

Audio Subcarrirer Level -28dBc
Audio Subcarrirer Freq.ncy 6.5MHz
SENSOR DIMENSION NTSC: 720(H) x 480(V) PAL: 720(H) x 576(V)
LENS & VIEW ANGLE 0.5mm F1.2 / 90 deg
SIZE(L x W x H) 22.5 x 15.5 x 15.5 MM
WEIGHT(g) 10g
OPERATING TEMPERATURE - 20C ~ + 50C ,Relative humidity 85%

5-inch HD mini DVR:

Items Value
Wireless Receiving Wireless freq. (1 of 3 groups)
Within 5.8G-A 8 channels CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz; CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz. CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz; CH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz
Beyond 5.8G-B 8 channels CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz; CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz. CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz; CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: 5945MHz
Within 5.8G-C 8 channels CH1: 5733MHz; CH2: 5752MHz; CH3: 5771MHz; CH4: 5790MHz. CH5: 5809MHz; CH6: 5828MHz; CH7: 5847MHz; CH8: 5866MHz
Sensitivity -88dB
Receiving distance 100 meters
AV IN TV system NTSC / PAL
Output voltage 3.6-4.2 V
HD 5-inch LCD screen Active area 108mm(W) X 64.8mm(H)
Resolution 800 X 480 Pixel
Luminance for LCM 200 cd/O
Cape clear 5-inch LCD screen Active area 118mm(W) X 62.8mm(H)
Resolution 480 X 272 Pixel
Luminance for LCM 300cd/O
Video Resolution 720*576 / 640*480
Video compress MPEG-AVI 30fps
Play format MPEG-AVI
Audio Frequency 20HZ-20KHz stereo
Earphone Output Left: 20MW+ right 20mW [16O](suit to largest volume)
Speaker 1W
Photo Format JPG/JPEG
Storage External SD card TF card 1GB-32GB(optional)
32GB recording time 10-32 hours
1GB photos 15625pcs
Operating system PC Windows & Mac OS
Port USB 2.0
Language Multiple
Power Voltage DC 5V
Current(receiving mode) 660MA
Current( recording mode) 680MA
Current(recording with off-screen mode) 340MA
AC adapter DC 5V 2A
Built-in battery Li-battery 3200Mah
Standby time Wireless record >=9.5 hours(off-screen); >=5hours(on-screen)
Wired record >=12 hours(off-screen); >=6hours(on-screen)
*LED camera not included.
Size (L x W x H) 131mm x 86mm x 18mm
Weight(g) 205G


wireless camera 5.8G wireless DVR
Channel Switcher CH Frequency Freq. group CH
1# ON 2# ON 3# ON 4# ON CH1 5865MHz 5.8G-A CH1
1# ON 2# OFF 3# ON 4# ON CH2 5845MHz 5.8G-A CH2
1# ON 2# ON 3# OFF 4# ON CH3 5825MHz 5.8G-A CH3
1# ON 2# OFF 3# OFF 4# ON CH4 5805MHz 5.8G-A CH4
1# ON 2# ON 3# ON 4# OFF CH5 5785MHz 5.8G-A CH5
1# ON 2# OFF 3# ON 4# OFF CH6 5765MHz 5.8G-A CH6
1# ON 2# ON 3# OFF 4# OFF CH7 5745MHz 5.8G-A CH7
1# ON 2# OFF 3# OFF 4# OFF CH8 5725MHz 5.8G-A CH8
1# OFF 2# ON 3# ON 4# ON CH9 5705MHz 5.8G-B CH1
1# OFF 2# OFF 3# ON 4# ON CH10 5685MHz 5.8G-B CH2
1# OFF 2# ON 3# OFF 4# ON CH11 5665MHz 5.8G-B CH3
1# OFF 2# OFF 3# OFF 4# ON CH12 5645MHz 5.8G-B CH4
1# OFF 2# ON 3# ON 4# OFF CH13 5885MHz 5.8G-B CH5
1# OFF 2# OFF 3# ON 4# OFF CH14 5905MHz 5.8G-B CH6
1# OFF 2# ON 3# OFF 4# OFF CH15 5925MHz 5.8G-B CH7
1# OFF 2# OFF 3# OFF 4# OFF CH16 5945MHz 5.8G-B CH8

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